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Friday August 29, 2014
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This Month's Features

Joan Perry - Volunteer Director and Sidewalk Curator

Joan, dressed as Florence Nightingale, the founder of modern nursing, celebrates Nightingale’s birthday.

    When Joan Perry eventually leaves her job as director of volunteers for Roper St. Francis Healthcare’s three Charleston-area hospitals, she probably won’t be remembered as a person who did a decent job answering phones, filing forms and shuffling papers from one side of her desk to the other.      It’s more likely that her legacy will be that of an energetic leader who developed innovative programs aimed at giving future health care professionals a taste of what the world of medicine is really like.      And, of course, that she was a wizard with a camera.      Perry, who has lived in three countries and visited several others, arrived in Charleston in 1988 and has been at her current job since 1997. Her story started in Beamsville, a town on the southern shore of Lake Ontario in Canada. In 1963, her father, a high school science teacher, decided it wouldn’t be such a bad idea for...
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West Ashley Senior Village Interest Group
Learning more about the establishment of the first Senior Village in South Carolina

As life expectancy increases, many older adults are living on fixed incomes and their need...
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How Do Grandparents Get Custody of Their Grandchildren in South Carolina?

In certain limited circumstances, child custody can be awarded to grandparents. However, o...
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