Lowcountry Sun
Tuesday September 30, 2014
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This Month's Features

Thomasena Stokes-Marshall
She’s Always Had a Thing About Community Service

Thomasena Stokes-Marshall stands proudly by the Mount Pleasant Senior Center sign, where she spends many hours serving the areas seniors. The Center is named in her honor in appreciation for her tireless effort and commitment to open a senior center in Mt. Pleasant.

 Thomasena Stokes-Marshall spent part of her professional life dealing with inmates at hospitals for the insane and chasing criminals across New York City rooftops. But she also took the time to learn as much as she could about the people in her community, an attribute that served her well in her police career and later in life when she returned to the Lowcountry in a different capacity. Stokes-Marshall no longer carries a weapon or has any need to know how to restrain a person with a straightjacket. And, at the age of 71, she’s getting ready to wind down her lengthy stint on the Mount Pleasant town council. But she won’t be whiling away her time sitting in a rocking chair and listening to the crickets chirp. She’ll continue to serve others through a variety of Lowcountry organizations, most notably at the senior center that bears her name. Born in the Snowden community in Mount Pleasant, Stokes-Marshall’s family moved to New York when she was only 3, h...
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Smaller Spaces Are in Demand.
Boomers are trading their multi-bedroom family homes for cozier accommodations

 Many agents believe that er homes are more in demand because the Baby Boomer generat...
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Do you play favorites?

 A British study recently found that one in six mothers admit that they have a favori...
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